Solar Industry News & Company Updates

PG&E’s Bold Move

A Surprise Rate Hike Request Shocks California on the Eve of 2024. In a bold play, Pacific Gas & Electric, the reviled utility giant in
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What is Net Energy Metering?

Understanding Net Energy Metering: A Key to Solar Savings When transitioning to solar energy, homeowners often discover a game-changing benefit: net metering, also known as
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Which is the Better Backup

A well-designed solar system can meet most homeowners’ electrical needs, but it may not provide 100% of the power necessary, making you tap into the
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Solar Technology

High Performance Guaranteed If you have the financial resources available, purchasing your home solar system delivers the greatest long-term savings and return on
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Innovation In EV Batteries

Shortages of battery materials are seeming to put the brakes on growth in EV sales. However, innovation is closing in on solutions using alternative battery
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Know Your Solar Warranty

One of the things that sets a ‘great’ solar system apart from a ‘good’ system is the warranty. Solar arrays have no moving parts and
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