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Considering Solar Energy? Here’s How to Stay Informed Without Being Bombarded by Calls

If you’re intrigued by the idea of harnessing solar power, you’re likely aware of its myriad benefits, from cost savings to environmental advantages and energy security. However, your interest might lead you into the labyrinth of online ads and unsolicited phone calls, which can be overwhelming. So, how can you educate yourself about solar energy without becoming prey to relentless robocalls and pushy sales pitches?

Be Mindful With Your Contact Information

Exercise caution when sharing your phone number online, especially on blind solar interest forms. Unless you are confident about the company and genuinely desire a call, opt for “email only” communication. At SunPower, we respect your preference for email contact and ensure you’re not bothered with unnecessary phone calls unless you explicitly grant us permission.

Do Your Research Thoroughly

Purchasing a solar system is a significant investment, and it’s crucial to gather comprehensive information before engaging with a consultant. Fortunately, there are reputable sources where you can learn about solar energy without drowning in advertisements or incessant calls:

– Explore the US Department of Energy, a repository of decades-long solar research offering valuable insights, general knowledge, and essential statistics.

– Navigate the Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar, a comprehensive resource answering a multitude of questions, from assessing your home’s suitability for solar to understanding state and federal incentives.

– Visit the website of the Solar Energy Industries Association, a respected industry trade association that provides unbiased information without harvesting your data for resale.

Seek Advice from Trusted Sources

Tap into the experiences of your neighbors and friends who have embraced solar power. Their insights into the decision-making process, their experiences, and recommendations regarding products or companies can be invaluable.

Rely on Reviews

Real customer experiences are invaluable. Before making a decision, read reviews about solar companies in your area. Genuine feedback can provide valuable insights into what your own experience might entail.

Remember, going solar is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Take your time to gather information. When you’re ready to consult a trusted advisor, consider using our free Solar + EV Solar Calculator for a hassle-free experience!

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