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Optimizing EV Ownership: Powering Your Ride with Solar Energy

When it comes to truly embracing the benefits of driving an electric vehicle (EV), understanding how you power it is key. Imagine this: your EV, if charged with solar energy, literally runs on sunshine. But let’s delve into the specifics, particularly how many solar panels you need to keep your EV cruising down the road.

Home vs. Public Charging:

Charging your EV can happen either at home or at public charging stations. Presently, around 80% of EV owners prefer home charging. However, no matter where you charge, it impacts the electrical grid. If your home draws energy from a grid fueled by fossil fuels, your EV isn’t as green as it could be. But, if your home is equipped with rooftop solar, your EV can thrive on 100% clean energy. Plus, charging at home overnight is incredibly convenient compared to hunting for public charging stations.

Calculating Your EV’s Energy Needs:

Let’s crunch the numbers. On average, people drive about 14,000 miles per year, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Most EVs cover approximately 3 miles per kilowatt-hour (kWh). So, to power your EV for a year, you need roughly 4,666 kWh of additional energy (14,000/3 = 4,666).

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

The math here is straightforward. Each kilowatt (kW) of solar panels on your roof generates around 4 kWh/day, or about 1,500 kWh/year, factoring in weather and location variations. To meet your EV’s demand, you’d need an additional 3.1 kW system, translating to 8 to 12 panels, depending on their power output.

Adding Solar for EVs:

Considering you already have solar panels, should you add more? It depends. If you’re still receiving an electric bill, adding 3 kW or more might be necessary since your EV will increase your energy consumption. Alternatively, if your current system meets your needs, a home battery can assist in charging your EV at night, reducing grid dependence.

Considering an EV? Go Solar First:

If you’re contemplating an EV but haven’t embraced solar yet, consider going solar first. By harnessing clean energy for your entire home, you can tailor your solar setup to accommodate both your household and EV needs. SunPower solar systems not only cut utility costs during the day but also pave the way for a sustainable future.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Make the move to solar with SunPower by BTB Solar, ensuring savings now and long into the future. Connect with our sales team or visit us online for more information. Power your EV with the sun, and let’s drive toward a greener tomorrow!

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