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BTB Solar, a San Diego solar company, recently launched a new website featuring a Solar Calculator that makes it easy to calculate the approximate cost of going solar based on location, electricity bill, and system type. It can also quickly estimate the savings that can be realized by going solar.

BTB Solar’s goal is to assist customers in gaining the knowledge they need to manage their energy needs. The company helps customers achieve energy independence with clean, sustainable solar energy. Understanding the problems of ever-increasing energy costs, the need for more electricity for daily use, and the problems faced with grid failures, BTB Solar is at the forefront of the energy industry and increasing electrification. BTB Solar takes the hassle and uncertainty out of going solar. 

Backed by SunPower’s world-class customer experience and high-quality solar products, BTB Solar customers not only save money by switching to solar but can get more value in the process. BTB consults closely with and assists its residential customers throughout the entire solar journey with the technology and warranty provided by the leading residential solar provider, SunPower. This gives solar customers the best of both worlds, unmatched in the solar industry. Trusted by 17 of the top 20 home builders in California and backed by a comprehensive 25-year panel warranty, SunPower gives homeowners total peace of mind. 

“Our new website helps us tell a more complete story about just how affordable and what a great investment a SunPower solar energy system can be,” said the President of BTB Solar. “Our name comes from our business philosophy, ‘Being the Best’ (at everything we do). It is our intention to maintain that for all of our solar customers!” 

BTB Solar’s consultative process strives to help residential homeowners attain the best return on investment as they transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable solar energy. Its team of highly trained advisors assists customers in sizing the solar system to custom fit their home, exploring several financing options, making a recommendation based on the customer’s best interests, discussing tax credits that may be available, and highlighting the expected short-, medium-, and long-term savings—even the effect that solar may have on their property value. In switching to solar, customers not only help the environment but can also enjoy more predictable energy costs and, with a backup battery, add resiliency against electric grid outages. BTB Solar serves communities throughout California. For more information about BTB Solar, go to

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